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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Interlocutory Application CR024May15/VAR133Sep20 Eldan Auto Body And CC 2022-01-06 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO154Dec21 CC And PathCare (Rapid Antigen Tests) 2021-12-23 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO155Dec21 CC And Lancet Laboratories (Rapid Antigen Tests) 2021-12-23 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO158Dec21 CC And AMPATH (Rapid Antigen Tests) 2021-12-23 Download
Settlement Agreement CR125Sep20/SA145Dec21 CC And Aludar Holdings 2021-12-23 Download
Settlement Agreement CR125Sep20/SA146Dec21 CC And Ikemele Egg Production 2021-12-23 Download
Consent Order CO147Dec21 CC And Denso Corporation 2021-12-22 Download
Large Merger LM116Nov21 SA Gas Development Company And Republic of Mozambique Pipeline 2021-12-22 Download
Large Merger LM094Oct21 Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure And Employees of Abengoa SA 2021-12-21 Download
Large Merger LM111Oct21 Royale Energy And Afric Oil 2021-12-21 Download
Large Merger LM090Oct21 Shoprite Checkers And Trademarks 2021-12-19 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO142Dec21 Competition Commission And PathCare 2021-12-17 Download
Large Merger LM096Oct21 SKG Properties Fund I And Tocolog 2021-12-14 Download
Large Merger LM097Oct21 Societe De Promotion And Respublica Group 2021-12-14 Download
Large Merger LM098Oct21 MEPF And ERF 82 Bryanston 2021-12-14 Download
Large Merger LM099Oct21 Invicta Holdings And Dartcom SA 2021-12-14 Download
Settlement Agreement CR121Sep15/SA112Nov21 CC and Afriworld 2021-12-14 Download
Settlement Agreement CR010Apr19/SA134Dec21 CC And K.F Computers 2021-12-13 Download
Settlement Agreement CR010Apr19/SA138Dec21 CC And SAAB Grintek Defense 2021-12-13 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO140Dec21 Competition Commission and Ampath 2021-12-12 Download
Covid19 Consent Order COVCO141Dec21 Competition Commission And Lancet Laboratories 2021-12-12 Download
Large Merger LM107Oct21 SPE Mid-Market Fund I And Q Link Holdings 2021-12-10 Download
Large Merger LM073Sep21 Standard Bank Group And Liberty Holdings 2021-12-10 Download
Large Merger LM082Sep21 Old Mutual Insure And One Financial Service 2021-12-10 Download
Large Merger LM093Oct21 KAP Industrial Holdings And Driverisk Holdings 2021-12-10 Download
Large Merger LM089Oct21 Firstrand Bank And Kulula Air 2021-12-07 Download
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