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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM035Jun23 Life Healthcare Group And Dialysis Services Business 2024-02-21 Download
Large Merger LM158Dec23 SPE Mid-Market Fund I Partnership And S Bacher Company 2024-02-21 Download
Large Merger LM138Dec23 Barkophor Investments And Izandla Property Fund 2024-02-16 Download
Large Merger LM112Oct23 Hemipac Investments And Ascension Properties 2024-02-16 Download
Large Merger LM159Dec23 Redefine Properties And Mall of The South 2024-02-09 Download
Large Merger LM111Oct23 AIIH And Joseph Investments Holdings 2024-02-06 Download
Large Merger LM063Aug23 Arcelik A.S And Whirlpool Corporations 2024-02-06 Download
Interlocutory Application LM148Dec21/CNF119Nov23 Vodacom And Frogfoot Networks 2024-02-05 Download
Interlocutory Application LM148Dec21/CNF120Nov23 Vodacom And Vox Telecommunications 2024-02-05 Download
Large Merger LM130Nov23 Units on Jorrisen And Varsity Stay 2 2024-01-31 Download
Large Merger LM104Oct23 Momentum Metropolitan And Investments Managers Group 2024-01-23 Download
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