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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM018May24 Burstone Group And Investec Property 2024-06-14 Download
Large Merger LM016May24 Arzatouch And Equites Property Fund 2024-06-14 Download
Settlement Agreement CR066Aug21/SA175Feb24 CC And Hard Hat Equipment 2024-06-12 Download
Large Merger LM185Mar24 Clientele And 1Life Insurance 2024-06-07 Download
Large Merger LM023May24 Zikhethele Trade 4 And Nedbank 2024-06-07 Download
Large Merger LM003Apr24 Bankenveld District City And Witwatersrand 2024-06-07 Download
Large Merger LM013Apr24 Community Property Company And Boitekong Mall 2024-06-07 Download
Large Merger LM019May24 Grindrod Holdings And Grindrod Rail Consultancy Services 2024-06-05 Download
Large Merger LM001Apr24 Batho Batho Trust And Thebe Investments Corporation 2024-05-06 Download
Large Merger LM196Mar23 Vitol Emerald Bidco And Engen 2024-04-25 Download
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