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Type Case # Parties Court Outcome Outcome
Case File
Complaint Referral from Commission CR154Oct11 CC Media24 Upheld 2018-03-19
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM155Nov13 Oceana Foodcorp Upheld 2014-12-19
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM002Apr12 Kenilworth Gold Circle Dismissed 2013-09-13
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM002Apr12 Kenilworth Gold Circle Dismissed 2013-12-06
Complaint Referral from Commission CR101Dec07 CC and SAB Dismissed 2015-02-02
Complaint Referral from Commission CR134Feb09 Competition Commission vs Rocla and Rocl Dismissed 2011-10-20
Complaint Referral from Commission CR128Nov14 CC IsipaNeil Upheld 2017-09-14
Interlocutory Application CR152Dec14/JOI029May16 CC Hendrik Pistorius and 8 Others Dismissed 2017-10-10
Interlocutory Application CR152Dec14/JOI047Jun16 CC and Hendrik Pistorius and Daniel Hendrik Du Plessis Dismissed 2017-10-10
Interlocutory Application CR212Feb17/DSC027Apr17 Standard Bank And CC Upheld 2018-05-31
Interlocutory Application CR053Aug10/DSC056May17 Continental Tyre And CC Upheld 2018-10-12
Interlocutory Application CR053Aug10/DSC056May17 Continental Tyre And CC Upheld 2018-10-12
Interlocutory Application CRP065Jul13/STA009Apr14 CMS SAPA Upheld 2015-12-28
Interlocutory Application CR129Sep15/PIL162Sep17 Pickfords Removals And CC Dismissed 2019-04-03
Interlocutory Application CRP163Oct15/PIL089Apr17 Transnet SOC And Siyakhuphuka Upheld 2018-07-03
Procedural Matter OTH201Feb15 Caxton and Multichoice Upheld 2016-06-24
Complaint Referral from Complainant CRP105Nov12 Ian HPCSA Dismissed 2015-06-22
Interlocutory Application CRP238Mar15/PIL120Sep16 SABIA AND First National Battery and Seven Others Upheld 2018-04-03
Procedural Matter IDT079Jun18 Murray and Roberts And Aton GMBH and Others Dismissed 2018-10-29
Complaint Referral from Commission CR023May15 CC and Dawn Consolidated and Three Others Dismissed 2018-05-04
Interlocutory Application CR093Jan07/STA184Jan15 Allen Meshco and Commission Dismissed 2015-03-26
Procedural Matter OTH225Mar15 Caxton and Media 24 (Novus) Upheld 2015-11-25
Interlocutory Application CR166Dec14/PIL070Jul15 CC Power Construction and Two Others Dismissed 2017-05-02
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM013May15 Imerys SA and Andalusite Resources Dismissed 2017-03-02
Procedural Matter DCO155Aug17 Hosken Consolidation Invest and Tsogo Sun And CC Upheld 2017-10-30
Interlocutory Application CR154Oct11/REM144Sep15 CC Media24 Upheld 2018-03-19
Complaint Referral from Commission CR030Jun15 CC and Stanleys Removals and Cape Express Dismissed 2017-10-19
Interlocutory Application CR229Mar15/DSC124Sep15 CC and Group Five (Senekal Project) Partly Dismissed / Partly Granted -
Complaint Referral from Complainant CRP049Jul14 Lekoa Altech Dismissed 2015-04-21
Large Merger LM315Mar18 Sibanye Gold And Lonmin Dismissed 2019-05-17
Interlocutory Application CR053Aug10/PIL225Dec16 Goodyear SA and Continental And CC Dismissed 2018-09-27
Interlocutory Application CR053Aug10/PIL225Dec16 Goodyear SA and Continental And CC Dismissed 2018-09-27
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM083Dec10 Pioneer Pannar Upheld 2012-05-28
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM083Dec10 Pioneer Pannar Upheld 2013-04-12
Interlocutory Application CR101Dec07/DSM122Mar11 CC SAB Upheld 2012-11-15
Interlocutory Application CR008Apr10/DSC002Apr11 CC Computicket Upheld 2012-10-29
Complaint Referral from Commission CR049Jul12 CC Fritz Pienaar Dismissed 2016-12-15
Complaint Referral from Complainant CRP031Jul10 Phutuma Networks and Telkom SA and Compe Dismissed 2012-11-20
Complaint Referral from Commission CR057Dec09 CC and Aveng Dismissed 2013-11-15
Interlocutory Application CR029Sep09/INS060Dec09 CC and Arcelormittal Granted / Remitted to CT 2012-04-02
Interlocutory Application CR076Sep08/AME074Feb10 CC and Loungefoam Upheld 2011-05-06
Complaint Referral from Commission CR042Aug10 CC Sasol Polymers Dismissed 2015-04-21
Complaint Referral from Commission CR034Sep09 CC and RSC Ekusasa Dismissed 2014-03-14
Complaint Referral from Commission CR124Feb09 CC and DPI Partly Dismissed / Partly Granted 2013-11-18


The Competition Appeal Court (CAC) is established in terms of section 36 of the Competition Act, No. 89 of 1998 (Act). The CAC is a special division of the High Court. It has jurisdiction throughout the Republic of South Africa and is a court of record.
The Competition Appeal Court
  • may consider any appeal from, or review of, a decision of the Competition Tribunal,
  • confirm, amend or set aside a decision or an order that is the subject of appeal or review by the Competition Tribunal,
  • give any judgment or make any order that the circumstances require, and
  • must also confirm an order by the Competition Tribunal for the divestiture of assets by parties who have contravened section 8 of the Act.
The President of South Africa appoints the members of the Appeal Court in accordance with section 174 of the Constitution and on the recommendation of the Judicial Services Commission.

The following Judges have been appointed to the Competition Appeal Court.
  • The Hon Mr Justice D Davis
  • The Hon Mr Justice B Mnguni
  • The Hon Madam Faiza Kathree-Setiloane
  • The Hon Madam Justice N Boqwana
  • The Hon Madam Justice Dambuza
  • The Hon Justice W Van Der Linde
  • The Hon Mr Justice D Zondi
  • The Hon Mr Justice B Vally
  • The Hon Mr David Unterhalter
  • The Hon Madam Justice M Victor
  • The Hon Mr Justice O Rogers
Registrar of the Competition Appeal Court
Tel. No. +27 (0)12 394-3355