Competition Commission And Afrion Property Services CC; Belfa Fire (Pty) Ltd; Cross Fire Management (Pty) Ltd; Fire Protection Systems (Pty) Ltd; Fireco (Pty) Ltd; Fireco Gauteng (Pty) Ltd Now Known as KRS Fire (Pty) Ltd; Tshwane Fire Sprinklers

Case number: CR245Mar17
Case parties: Applicant: Competition Commission
Respondent: Fireco (Pty) Ltd (Fifth)
Respondent: Afrion Property Services CC (First)
Respondent: Fire Protection Systems (Pty) Ltd (Fourth)
Respondent: Belfa Fire (Pty) Ltd (Second)
Respondent: Tshwane Fire Sprinklers (Seventh)
Respondent: Fireco Gauteng (Pty) Ltd Now Known as KRS Fire (Pty) Ltd (Sixth)
Respondent: Cross Fire Management (Pty) Ltd (Third)
Case type: Complaint Referral from Commission
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Partial Contravention
Order date: 2021-01-15
Sector: Wholesale and retail trade - repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Industry: Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores
Relevant market: The market for the supply,installation and maintenance of fire control and protection systems in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.
Sections of the act: 4(1)(b)(iii)
Remedy: Penalty
Competition Tribunal Members: Yasmin Carrim, Andreas Wessels, Medi Mokuena
Judges: D Fisher, D Unterhalter, O Rogers