Competition Commission and Esorfranki Ltd Rodio Geotechnics (Pty) Ltd Dura Soltanche Bachy (Pty) Ltd Geomechanics CC Diabor (Pty) Ltd and Grinaker LTA (An operating group of Aveng (Africa) Limited)

Case number: CR107Mar11
Case parties: Complainant: Competition Commission
Respondent: Diabor (Pty) Ltd (Fifth)
Respondent: Esorfranki Limited (First)
Respondent: Geomechanics CC (Fourth)
Respondent: Rodio Geotechnics (Pty) Ltd (Second)
Respondent: Grinaker LTA Limited (Sixth)
Respondent: Dura Soltanche Bachy (Pty) Ltd (Third)
Case type: Complaint Referral from Commission
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Partial Contravention
Order date: 2022-05-05
Sector: Construction
Industry: Other specialized construction activities
Relevant market: piling, lateral support, grouting, and geotechnical drilling investigation services
Sections of the act: 4(1)(b)(iii)
Remedy: Penalty
Competition Tribunal Members: Yasmin Carrim, Andreas Wessels, Medi Mokuena