High Court Judgements

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No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 CO037Aug10/VAR240Feb16 06/11/2017 Foskor (Pty) Ltd vs Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
2 CCT30/17 12/05/2017 Omnico (Pty) Ltd; Cool Heat Agencies (Pty) Ltd (applicants) vs The Competition Commission & Others (respondents) Dismissed
3 12026/2012 08/08/2016 Nationwide Airlines (Pty) Ltd vs South African Airways (Pty) Ltd Granted
4 31044/13 04/11/2015 The Competition Commission vs Allens Meshco and others Dismissed
5 CR006May05/DSC206Dec15 16/10/2015 Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd vs Foskor (Pty) Ltd, Competition Commission & Competition Tribunal Granted
6 118/CAC/Apr12 26/11/2014 Competition Commission vs Computicket (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
7 CCT 58/13 18/12/2013 Competition Commission of South Africa vs Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd and African Centre fro Biosafety Granted
9 382235/2012 02/08/2013 Premier Foods (Pty) Ltd vs Norman Manoim and Others Dismissed
10 680/12 31/05/2013 Competition Commission of SA vs Arcerlormittal SA Ltd Dismissed
11 CCT 61/11 12/04/2012 The Competition Commission vs Senwes Limited Substituted
12 7585/2010 05/07/2011 Agri Wire (Pty) Ltd and Agri Wire Upington (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission and 12 Others Dismissed
13 118/2010 01/06/2011 Senwes Ltd vs Competition Commission Upheld
14 105/2010 13/09/2010 Woodlands Dairy (Pty) Ltd and Milkwood Dairy (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission Upheld
15 623/2008 27/11/2009 Competition Commission vs Telkom SA Ltd,Competition Tribunal Dismissed
16 700/08 22/05/2009 Clover Industries Ltd,Clover SA (Pty) Ltd vs David Lewis N.O.,Norman Manoim N.O.,Yasmin Carrim N.O.,Competition Tribunal,Competition Commission,Parmalat (Pty) Ltd,Ladismith Cheese (Pty) Ltd,Woodlands Dairy (Pty) Ltd,Lancewood(Pty) Ltd,Nestle SA(Pty) Ltd,Milkwood Dairy(Pty) Ltd Dismissed
17 11239/04 20/06/2008 Telkom SA Limited vs The Competition Commission SA,The Competition Tribunal SA Granted
18 37553/2005 11/06/2006 Nutri-Flo CC,Nutri-Fertilizer CC vs Sasol Limited,Sasol Chemical Industries (Pty) Ltd,Kynoch (Pty) Ltd,Nitrochem (Pty) Ltd,The Competition Commission Partly_Granted
19 554/03 13/05/2005 American Natural Soda Ash Corporation,CHC Global (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission of SA,Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd,Chemserve Technical Products (Pty) Ltd,Minister of Trade and Industry Partly_Granted
20 577/2002 02/06/2003 American Natural Soda Corporation,CHC Global vs The Competition Commission,Others Dismissed
21 480/2001 26/11/2002 Menzi Simelane NO,Others vs Seven-Eleven Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
22 350/2001 06/09/2002 The Commissioner of the Competition Commission vs the General Council of the Bar South Africa,Others Partly_Granted
23 64/2001 31/05/2002 Pretoria Portland Cement Company,Slagment (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission,Others Granted
24 285/99 25/05/2001 Chairman: Board on Tariffs and Trade,Others vs Brenco Incorporated Dismissed
25 50/2000 11/10/2000 Standard Bank Investment Corporation vs The Competition Commission,Others Dismissed
26 2008/23443 & 2011/34079 Comair Limited vs South African Airways (Pty) Ltd Granted