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The advanced search facility is designed to search for documents according to a set of criteria. Tip: You don't have to fill in all the criteria. A search can be conducted by filling in only one field, for example the applicant's name. However the more criteria you specify the better you can refine your search. View some tips on how to use advanced search.

You have the choice of either searching by criteria to the left or filtering results based on keyword to the right. If you cannot find what you are looking for send us a message.

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Case Type

Cartel/Restrictive horizontal practice (Section 4.(1))
Restrictive vertical practice (Section 5.(1))
Minimum resale price maintenance (Section 5.(2))
Abuse of dominance (Section 8)
Price discrimination (Section 9)
Merger (Section 12A/Section 16)
  • Prohibited
  • Conditionally approved
  • Approved
Public interest (Section 12A.(3))
Interim relief (Section 49C)



Document Type

If you are searching for a document type other than "Reasons for Decision" select any of the following.

Order (Any)
Consent Order
Policy document
Media statement