Merger Alert: 12 October 2021

 12 October 2021

Type of matter

Parties involved

Tribunal Decision

Large merger

Bopa Moruo Fund II (Pty) Ltd; RMB Ventures Four (Pty) Ltd; New GX Ventures SA (Pty) Ltd And ASOC I Bidco Three (Pty) Ltd 

Approved without conditions

Large merger

Dis-Chem Pharmacies Limited And Kaelo Holdings Proprietary Limited 

Approved with conditions



Bopa Moruo Fund II (Pty) Ltd; RMB Ventures Four (Pty) Ltd; New GX Ventures SA (Pty) Ltd And  ASOC I Bidco Three (Pty) Ltd


The Tribunal has unconditionally approved the merger whereby a consortium of investment companies will acquire joint control over ASOC I Bidco Three (Pty) Ltd, a holding company for its ultimate controller’s shareholding in SkyNet South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a provider of express parcel and courier services in South Africa.


The consortium of investment companies is made up of: Bopa Moruo Fund II (Pty) Ltd; RMB Ventures Four (Pty) Ltd; and New GX Ventures SA (Pty) Ltd.


Dis-Chem Pharmacies Limited And  Kaelo Holdings Proprietary Limited


The Tribunal has conditionally approved the proposed merger wherein Dis-Chem Pharmacies Limited (“Dis-Chem”) will acquire a certain percentage of shares in Kaelo Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“Kaelo Holdings”).


Dis-Chem is a national chain of pharmacy stores located across South Africa. Through its various subsidiaries, Dis-Chem is active along the pharmaceutical supply chain ranging from wholesale distribution (including logistics) to the operation of retail pharmacies.


Kaelo Holdings developed a series of affordable healthcare solutions for people not covered by a medical scheme. Key products include gap cover insurance (for medical scheme members); primary healthcare insurance (for uninsured South Africans); occupational health clinics and on-site primary care clinics (for large organisations); and psychological wellbeing services (for all South Africans).


A more detailed press release will be issued in due course.


Issued by:

Gillian de Gouveia, Communications Officer
On behalf of the Competition Tribunal of South Africa
Cell: +27 (0) 82 410 1195
Twitter: @comptrib

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