Large Mergers

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No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM149Aug17 07/11/2017 Unitrans Automotive (Pty) Ltd and Clearwater Motors (Pty) Ltd Approved
2 LM053May17 06/11/2017 Fidelity Security Services (Pty) Ltd and Analytical Risk Management t/a 2RM Security 9In Business Rescue) and Other Entities Affiliated to 2RM Conditions
3 LM103Jul17 06/11/2017 Government Employees Pension Fund, Unemployment Insurance Fund and Compensation Fund, Duly Represented by Public Investment Corporation SOC and AFGRI Poultry (Pty) Ltd T/A Daybreak Farms Conditions
4 LM030May16 03/11/2017 DowDupont Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company / E.I Du Pont De Nemours Company Approved
5 LM123Aug17 02/11/2017 South African Distilleries and Wine (SA) Limited and Lusan Holdings (Pty) Ltd Conditions
6 LM173Sep17 30/10/2017 Dimension Data Holdings PLC and Hatch Investment (Mauritius) Ltd Conditions
7 LM234Mar17 27/10/2017 Maersk Line A/S and Hamburg Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts Gesellschaft KG Conditions
8 LM126Aug17 24/10/2017 Indluplace Properties Limited and Malewell Investments (Pty) Ltd and Buffshelf Group Approved
9 LM139Aug17 20/10/2017 Izimbiwa Associated Companies (Pty) Ltd and Moxitorque Investments (Pty) Ltd Approved
10 LM083Jun17 20/10/2017 Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd and Umongo Petroleum (Pty) Ltd Approved
11 LM021Apr17 19/10/2017 The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (Pty) Ltd Conditions
12 LM142Aug17 18/10/2017 Cubisol Investments 2 (Pty) Ltd and The Retail Letting Enterprise Knows As Bel Air Shopping Centre Owned By Bel Air Shopping Centre (Pty) Ltd and Carlswald Shopping Centre Owned By Fairway Enterprises CC Approved
13 LM129Aug17 18/10/2017 The Spar Group Limited and Fifth Season Investments 126 (Pty) Ltd Approved
14 LM137Aug17 13/10/2017 K2017136283 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd and Crabtree Electrical Accessories SA (A Division of Powertech Industries) (Pty) Ltd Approved
15 LM054May17 13/10/2017 Main Street 1494 (Pty) Ltd and Mass Chrome Company (Pty) Ltd, Lexshell 688 Investments (Pty) Ltd and the Unincorporated Union Section Joint Venture Approved
16 LM140Aug17 12/10/2017 Gemgrow Properties Ltd and ERF 266 In Respect of the Property Letting Enterprise Known As Checkers Centre, the Solly Noor Trust In Respect of the Property Letting Enterprises Known As Legal Air Board Building, Hawana Noor Centre, Foschini Building, Total Sports Building, PEP Stores Building and ABSA Building and Solly Noor Properties In Respect of the Property Letting Enterprises Known As the Shoprite Centre and the Noor Centre. Approved
17 LM143Aug17 12/10/2017 ERPE BIDCO Limited and Betafence Holdings NV Approved
18 LM018Apr17 12/10/2017 Steinhoff Doors and Building Materials (Pty) Ltd and Building Supply Group (Pty) Ltd Conditions
19 LM122Aug17 09/10/2017 Old Mutual PLC and Old Mutual (Netherlands) B.V. Approved
20 LM102Jul17 09/10/2017 Gertzky Bidco PTE. Ltd and Inova Group of Companies Approved
21 LM116Jul17 04/10/2017 K2012150042 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd and Win Twice (Pty) and Bedford Square Properties (Pty) Ltd Approved
22 LM080Jun17 27/09/2017 Libstar Operations (Pty) Ltd and Khoisan Tea Import and Export (Pty) Ltd Approved
23 LM078Jun17 06/09/2017 Growthpoint Properties Ltd and Redefine Properties Ltd In Respect of a 58 percent Undivided Share In The N1 City Mall Approved
24 LM082Jun17 04/09/2017 ENX Group Limited and Extract Group Limited Conditions
25 LM077Jun17 29/08/2017 GroCapital Holdings (Pty) Ltd and South African Bank of Athens Ltd Approved
26 LM118Jul17 29/08/2017 Main Street 1532 (Pty) Ltd and Thebe Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 LM104Jul17 29/08/2017 Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa Limited and Kagiso Infrastructure Empowerment Fund Approved
28 LM038May17 25/08/2017 MIH Ecommerce Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Takealot Online (RF) (Pty) Ltd Approved
29 LM016Apr17 23/08/2017 EOH Industrial Technologies (Pty) Ltd and Powertech System Intergrators (Pty) Ltd Approved
30 LM012Apr16 22/08/2017 Media24 (Pty) Ltd and Novus Holdings Ltd Conditions

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