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Type Case # Parties Status Hearing
Case Files
Large Merger LM122Oct19 Marinvest SRL And Ignazio Messina Pending Reasons 2020-02-19 Download
Interlocutory Application LM183Sep18/DSC132Nov19 CC And MIH eCommerce and We Buy Cars Pending Reasons 2019-11-12 Download
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM141Dec19 JSE And Link Market Services SA Hearing Dates Set 2020-08-21
Procedural Matter URG164Mar20 Coca Cola SA And AB InBev and Others Pending Reasons 2020-03-20 Download
Large Merger LM167Mar20 Government Employees Pension Fund and ALZU Agri Pending Reasons 2020-06-11
Large Merger LM174Mar20 Mulilo Renewable Energy And MRE Prieska Pending Reasons 2020-05-13 Download
Large Merger LM001Apr20 Senwesbel Ltd And Suidwes Holdings (Pty) Ltd Hearing Dates Set 2020-07-08
Complaint Referral from Commission CR008Apr20 CC And Dis-Chem Pharmacies Pending Decision 2020-05-06 Download
Large Merger LM031May20 Emasa Holdings And Dewfresh Pending Reasons 2020-06-24 Download
Consent Order CO052Jun20 CC And Mica Barberton Hearing Dates Set 2020-07-08
Consent Order CO054Jun20 CC And Green Hygiene Hearing Dates Set 2020-07-08
Consent Order CO053Jun20 CC And Eldoram Dienste CC t/a Eldopark Pharmacy Hearing Dates Set 2020-07-08