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Type Case # Parties Status Hearing
Case Files
Settlement Agreement CR294Feb18/SA036May19 CC And Mail and Guardian Media Pending Decision 2019-06-19
Large Merger LM020May19 Palaeofin And Southern View Finance Pending Reasons 2019-06-19
Consent Order CO025May19 CC And Quintax 31 CC Pending Decision 2019-05-22
Interlocutory Application CRP225Nov17/EXC276Mar19 Invensys PLC And Protea Automation Solutions Pending Decision 2019-05-15
Large Merger LM021May19 ABSA Tower West And SocGen Pending Reasons 2019-06-12 Download
Large Merger LM109Jul18 CIVH And Vumatel Pending Reasons 2019-04-25 Download
Interlocutory Application CR277Feb18/EXC180Sep18 Waco Africa and Six Others And CC Pending Decision 2019-05-29
Complaint Referral from Commission CR178Sep18 CC And Beefcor and Cape Fruit Processors Hearing Dates Set -
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM238Jan19 Cape Karoo And Klein Karoo International Hearing Dates Set 2019-07-08
Interlocutory Application CR223Mar17/STR245Jan19 Unilever SA And CC Pending Reasons 2019-02-04 Download
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/OTH256Feb19 Computicket and CC Hearing Dates Set 2019-08-20
Large Merger LM183Sep18 MIH eCommerce And We Buy Cars Hearing Dates Set 2019-11-06
Interlocutory Application CR172Sep17/OTH199Oct18 CC And Beefcor Pending Decision 2019-06-03
Interim Relief IR257Feb19 Charlnita Cassiem and Metropolitan Health Pending Decision 2019-05-20 Download
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/DSM258Feb19 Shoprite and CC Hearing Dates Set 2019-08-20
Interlocutory Application LM247Jan19/JUR262Feb19 Mondi PLC And Mondi Ltd Pending Reasons 2019-05-13 Download
Interlocutory Application CR245Mar17/OTH254Feb19 CC And Belfa Solutions and Belfa Fire Pending Decision 2019-05-24
Large Merger LM268Mar19 Kempster Sedgwick And Mekor Umhlanga Ridge Pending Reasons 2019-05-29 Download
Settlement Agreement CR032Jun15/SA004Apr19 CC and J and H Furniture Removals Pending Decision 2019-05-15
Settlement Agreement CR110Aug15/SA003Apr19 CC And Majorshelf 35 Pending Decision 2019-05-15