Murray and Roberts Holdings Ltd And Aton GMBH; Aton Austria Holdings GMBH; Competition Commission

Case number: IDT079Jun18
Case parties: Applicant: Murray and Roberts Holdings Ltd
Respondent: Aton GMBH (First)
Respondent: Aton Austria Holding GMBH (Second)
Respondent: Competition Commission (Third)
Case type: Procedural Matter
Procedural matter: Interdict application
Case status: Further Court
Outcome: Granted
Order date: 2018-06-18
Sector: Construction
Industry: Civil Engineering
Relevant market: The market for the provision of civil engineering services.
Sections of the act: 13A(3)
Competition Tribunal Members: Andreas Wessels, Enver Daniels, Mondo Blessing Mazwai
Judges: Davis JP, Unterhalter AJA, Victor JA

Case Files

Order 24,4KB
Reasons for Decision 402,5KB