CTP Ltd; Private Property South Africa (Pty) Ltd; Betterlife Group Ltd; Ooba (Pty) Ltd

Case number: RVW317Mar18
Case parties: Applicant: CTP Ltd (First)
Applicant: Ooba (Pty) Ltd (Fourth)
Applicant: Private Property South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Second)
Applicant: Betterlife Group Ltd (Third)
Respondent: Competition Commission
Case type: Procedural Matter
Procedural matter: Review of CC decision
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Granted
Order date: 2019-01-25
Sector: Real estate activities
Industry: Property
Relevant market: The market for property
Competition Tribunal Members: Imraan Valodia, Enver Daniels, Fiona Tregenna