Competition Commission And Stuttaford Van Lines Gauteng Hub (Pty) Ltd; Pickfords Removals SA (Pty) Ltd; A and B Movers (Pty) Ltd; Brytons Removals (Pty) Ltd; Amazing Transport (Pty) Ltd; Key Moves CC; Bayley Worldwide CC; Selection Cartage (Pty) Ltd; Elliot Mobility (Pty) Ltd; Crown Relocations (Pty) Ltd; Magna Thomson (Pty) Ltd; Northern Province Professional Movers Association

Case number: CR164Sep17
Case parties: Applicant: Competition Commission
Respondent: Selection Cartage (Pty) Ltd (Eighth)
Respondent: Magna Thomson (Pty) Ltd (Eleventh)
Respondent: Amazing Transport (Pty) Ltd (Fifth)
Respondent: Stuttaford Van Lines Gauteng Hub (Pty) Ltd (First)
Respondent: Brytons Removals (Pty) Ltd (Fourth)
Respondent: Elliot Mobility (Pty) Ltd (Ninth)
Respondent: Pickfords Removals SA (Pty) Ltd (Second)
Respondent: Bayley Worldwide CC (Seventh)
Respondent: Key Moves CC (Sixth)
Respondent: Crown Relocations (Pty) Ltd (Tenth)
Respondent: A and B Movers (Pty) Ltd (Third)
Respondent: Northern Province Professional Movers Association (Twelfth)
Case type: Complaint Referral from Commission
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Not Contravened
Order date: 2019-12-20
Sector: Transportation and storage
Industry: Freight transport by road
Relevant market: The market for the provision of furniture removal services.
Sections of the act: 4(1)(b)(i)
Competition Tribunal Members: Norman Manoim, Mondo Blessing Mazwai, Medi Mokuena
Judges: Davis, Kathree-Setiloane, Mnguni