Waco Africa (Pty) Ltd; Tedoc SGB Cape JV; Superfecta SGB Cape JV; Mtsweni SGB Cape JV; Tedoc Industries (Pty) Ltd; Superfecta Trading 159 CC; Mtsweni Corrosion Control (Pty) Ltd And Competition Commission

Case number: CR277Feb18/DSC071Jul20
Case parties: Applicant: Tedoc Industries (Pty) Ltd (Fifth)
Applicant: Waco Africa (Pty) Ltd (First)
Applicant: Mtsweni SGB Cape JV (Fourth)
Applicant: Tedoc SGB Cape JV (Second)
Applicant: Mtsweni Cirrosion Control (Pty) Ltd (Seventh)
Applicant: Superfecta Trading 159 CC (Sixth)
Applicant: Superfecta SGB Cape JV (Third)
Respondent: Competition Commission
Case type: Interlocutory Application
Procedural matter: Discovery Application
Case status: Order Issued No Reasons
Outcome: Granted
Order date: 2021-03-05
Sector: Electricity gas steam and air conditioning supply
Industry: Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Relevant market: The market for the supply of, transportation, delivery, installation and dismantling of scaffolding and thermal insulation for all the 15 Eskom coal-fired power stations.

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