EA Waterfall Logistics JV (Pty) Ltd And THE TRUSTEES FOR The Time Being of Truzen 116 in Respect of an Undivided Half Share of The Property Letting Enterprise Known as Cummins

Case number: LM058Jul20
Case parties: Primary Acquiring Firm: EA Waterfall Logistics JV (Pty) Ltd
Primary Target Firm: The Trustees for the time being of Truzen 116
Case type: Large Merger
Type of merger: Horizontal
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Approved
Order date: 2020-08-05
Sector: Real estate activities
Industry: Real estate activities with own or leased property
Relevant market: Provision of rentable light industrial property within a 15km radius of the target property
Competition Tribunal Members: Enver Daniels, Andreas Wessels, Halton Cheadle