No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 CR162Oct15/ARI187Dec16 08/08/2017 WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission; Group Five Construction Ltd Dismissed
2 CRP238Mar15/PIL120Sep16, CRP238Mar15/SUB017May16, CRP238Mar15/OT 03/08/2017 Glenn Llewellyn Geldenhuis, Maria Manuela Goncalves Da Fonseca and The South African Battery Manufacturers Association vs The South African Batteries Importers Association; Hudaco Trading (Pty) Ltd t/a Deltec Power Distributors; Hudaco Trading (Pty) Ltd t/a Specialised Battery Systems; Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd; Probe Corporation South Africa (Pty) Ltd andTiauto (Pty) Ltd t/a YSA Granted
3 CR087Mar10/SA115Jul17 02/08/2017 Competition Commission vs Brenner Mills (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
4 CR081Aug16/SA093Jul17 26/07/2017 Competition Commission vs Fermel (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
5 CRP003Apr15/EXC265May15 26/07/2017 Discovery Health Medical Scheme vs Afrocentric Health Ltd Dismissed
6 CRP003Apr15/EXC266May15 26/07/2017 Discovery Health Medical Scheme vs Afrocentric Health Ltd Dismissed
7 FTN190Dec15/OTH135Sep16 21/07/2017 Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd; Capital Newspapers (Pty) Ltd vs The Natal Witness Printing and Publishing Company (Pty) Ltd; Media24 (Pty) Ltd; Novus Holdings Ltd; Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd; Mandla-Matla Publishing (Pty) Ltd; Competition Commission; Naspers Ltd; Naspers Beleggings Ltd; Keeromstraat 30 Beleggings Ltd;Wheatfields 221 (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
8 CR209Feb17/EXC055May17 & CR209Feb17/EXC236Mar17 12/07/2017 Tourvest Holdings (Pty) Ltd & Trigon Travel (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Granted
9 LM012Apr16/INT039May17 22/06/2017 Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd vs Media24 (Pty) Ltd; Novus Holdings Ltd; Competition Commission Dismissed
10 CR150Oct13/ASP083Aug16 19/06/2017 Competition Commission vs Hendrik Wilhelm Carl Pistorius N.O. Granted
11 LM179Jan14/VAR152Nov16 09/06/2017 Ferro South Africa (Pty) Ltd; NCS Resins (Pty) Ltd; Ferro Coating Resins (Pty) Ltd vs Atland Chemicals CC t/a Atlin Chemicals; Atlin Chemicals Natal (Pty) Ltd; Competition Commission Dismissed
12 CR053Aug10/PIL225Dec16 02/06/2017 Goodyear South Africa; Continental Tyre South Africa (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Dismissed
13 CRP065Jul13/DSC197Dec16 21/04/2017 South African Medical Association vs Council for Medical Schemes Dismissed
14 CRP034Jun15/CON211Nov16 22/03/2017 Massmart Holdings vs Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd Granted
15 CR093Jan07/SEP086Aug16/OTH058JUl16/STR087Aug16/STR088Aug16 03/03/2017 Allens Meshco (Pty) Ltd; Hendok (Pty) Ltd; Wire Force (Pty) Ltd;AGRI Wire (Pty) Ltd; AGRI Wire North (Pty) Ltd; AGRI Wire Upington (Pty) Ltd; Cape Wire (Pty) Ltd; Forest Wire (Pty) Ltd; Independent Galvanising (Pty) Ltd; Associated Wire Industries (Pty) Ltd t/a Meshrite vs Competition Commission And Cape Gate (Pty) Ltd Partly_Granted
16 CR133Serp15/EXC152Oct15 15/12/2016 Casalinga Investments CC t/a Waste Rite vs Competition Commission Dismissed
17 CR213Mar14/EXC250Oct15 12/12/2016 Foodcorp (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Upheld
18 CRP172Nov15/AME067Jul16 26/10/2016 SA Gym Group t/a Fit SA vs Discovery Health Medical Scheme; Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd; Discovery Vitality (Pty) Ltd; Virgin Active South Africa (Pty) Ltd; Planet Fitness Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Competition Commission Granted
19 CR152Dec14/JOI029May16/JOI047Jun16/AME032May16 24/10/2016 Competition Commission vs Hendrik Wilhelm Carl Pistorius N.O; Leo Constantin Pistorius N.O; Hermine Pistorius N.O; Arnoldus Kurt Pistorius; Kalkor (Pty) Ltd; CML Taljaard and Son (Pty) Ltd; PBD Boeredienste (Pty) Ltd; Grasland Ondernemings (Pty) Ltd; Fertilizer Society of South Africa; Ian McIntyre N.O Granted
20 CR008Apr10/DSM022May11 21/10/2016 Competition Commission vs Computicket (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
21 CRH126Nov11/DSC091Jun16 21/10/2016 Jacobus Petrus Hendrik Du Plessis; Judex Burnett vs Linpac Plastics Ltd; Linpac Plastics (South Africa) Ltd; Atlantic Forming (Pty) Ltd t/a Linpac Distribution; Anker Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
22 CR154Oct11/REM144Sep15 06/09/2016 Competition Commission vs Media24 Ltd Granted
23 CRP034Jun15/EXC088Jul15/EXC107Aug15/EXC109Aug15/STA204Dec15 01/09/2016 Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd, Pick 'n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd, Spar Group Ltd vs Massmart Holdings Ltd Partly_Dismissed
24 CR166Dec14/PIL070Jul15 25/08/2016 Power Construction (West Cape) Pty AND Power Construction (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Dismissed
25 CP003Apr15/JOI120Sep15 15/08/2016 Afrocentric Health Ltd vs Discovery Health Medical Scheme; Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd; Retail Medical Scheme; Quantum Medical Aid Society; LA Health Medical Scheme; Lonmin Medical Scheme; Naspers Medical Fund; University of Kwazulu Natal Medical Scheme; Remedi Medical Aid Scheme; Anglo Medical Scheme; BMW Employees Medical Scheme; Malcor Medical Scheme; University of The Witwatersrand Johannesburg Staff Medical Aid Fund; Anglovaal Group Medical Scheme; Tsogo Sun Group Medical Scheme; TFG Medical Aid Scheme; Bankmed Medical Scheme Dismissed
26 CRP065Jul13/PIL001Apr16 15/08/2016 South African Medical Association vs Council for Medical Schemes and 4 Others Dismissed
27 VAR252Mar16 13/07/2016 Amec Foster Wheeler SA (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Granted
28 FTN228Feb16 05/07/2016 Competition Commission vs Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd Administrative_Penalty
29 CR087Mar10/DSM021May11 10/06/2016 Blinkwater Mills (Pty)Ltd vs Competition Commission Dismissed
30 PM249Mar16 07/06/2016 Sovereign Food Investments Ltd And Country Bird Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Synapp International Ltd; Kevin William James; Kevin William James NO; Clive Dennis Kern NO; Clinton Charles Holing NO; Colin Rodney James; Lyall Clifford McNeill; Marielle Colette Regine Lecluse; Fritz Grobbelaar; vs Competition Commission Granted

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