No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 019315 03/09/2014 Protea Automation Solutions (Pty) Ltd vs Invensys Plc, Invensys Systems (UK) Ltd, Eurotherm Ltd, EOH Holdings Ltd and EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd Granted
2 019323 18/08/2014 Caxton and CTP Pub;ishers and Printers Ltd vs Media24 (Pty) Ltd, Paarl Media Group (Pty) Ltd, Paarl Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission Granted
3 019174 04/08/2014 Tiger Equity One (Pty) Ltd vs Murray and Roberts Ltd Granted
4 018259 25/07/2014 Cape Gate (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Dismissed
5 018689 09/07/2014 Competition Commission vs Nenana Management Services (Pty) Ltd and Others Administrative_Penalty
6 018655 03/06/2014 National Union of Metalworkes of South Africa vs Marley Pipe Systems (Pty) Ltd Ltd and Competition Commission Dismissed
7 017913 02/04/2014 Independant Newspapers (Pty) Ltd, Estate Agents Holdings Company Gauteng (Pty) Ltd, PA Group, Home Finder Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd vs El Page, East Cape Property Guide and Saturday Star Property Guide Dismissed
8 018275 /018283 /018267 31/03/2014 EOH Holdings Limited and EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd, Invensys PLC, Invensys Systems (UK) Limted and Eurotherm Limited vs Protea Automation Solutions (Pty) Ltd Partly_Granted
9 015438 20/02/2014 Coolheat Cycle Agencies (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Dismissed
10 016907 18/12/2013 Sasol Chemical Industries Limited vs Omnia Group (Pty) Limited Dismissed
11 017194/017269/017319/017376/017384 19/09/2013 South African Local Government Association and Gauteng Provincial Government vs The Competition Commission and others Dismissed
12 016923 17/07/2013 The Competition Commission vs Cargill RSA (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
13 016808 12/06/2013 The Competition Commission vs Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA ) Ltd and Momentum Group Ltd Administrative_Penalty
14 016782 12/06/2013 Amdec Investments (Pty) Ltd vs Competition Commission Granted
15 72/SM/Nov10 (011809 and 011791) 05/06/2013 Association of System Operators vs Competition Commission, Lexshell 129General Trading (Pty) Ltd and Nomad Information Systems (Pty) Ltd Remitted_to_CC
16 73/CR/Jul12 09/04/2013 Omnico (Pty) Ltd, Cytek Cycle Distributors cc and Coolheat Cycle Agencies (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission Partly_Granted
17 92/CR/Oct11 (016204) 28/03/2013 The Competition Commission vs Media24 (Pty) Ltd Granted
18 016246 13/03/2013 Competition Commission vs Pangbourne Properties Limited & Others Administrative_Penalty
19 73/CR/Oct09 (015800 & 015818) 13/02/2013 Competition Commission vs Telkom SA Ltd Dismissed
20 59/CR/May12 (015925) 11/02/2013 Autobid (Pty) Ltd vs Transunion Auto Information Solutions (Pty) Ltd Granted
21 79/FN/Sep11 (013284) 13/12/2012 The Competition Commission vs Phelps Dodge National Cables Corporation, Phelps Dodge Corporation, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold Inc & National Cables (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
22 94/LM/Oct12 (015990) 12/12/2012 Kagiso Media Investments (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission Granted
23 31/IR/Apr11 (015297) 21/11/2012 Invensys PLC, Invensys Systems (UK) Ltd and Eurotherm Ltd vs Protea Technology (Pty) Ltd, Protea Automation Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd and EOH Holdings Ltd Granted
24 78/CR/Nov09 12/07/2012 Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd t/a Internet Solutions vs Telkom SA Ltd Dismissed
25 95/EA/Nov11 06/07/2012 Gas 2 Liquids (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission and 15 Others Upheld
26 48/CR/Aug10 12/04/2012 The Competition Commission vs Sasol Chemical Industries Ltd Upheld
27 20/CR/Apr10 22/03/2012 Computicket (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission Dismissed
28 10/AM/Feb11 17/01/2012 MTO Forestry (Pty) Ltd, Boskor Sawmill (Pty) Ltd & Boskor Ripplant (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission & 5 Others Upheld
29 27/CR/Apr11 27/10/2011 The Competition Commission vs Pentel SA (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
30 74/CR/Jun08 20/10/2011 Astral Operations Ltd, Elite Breeding Farms and Ross Poultry Breeders (Pty) Ltd vs The Competition Commission Partly_Granted

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