Large Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM231Mar15 02/07/2015 Chemical Services Ltd and Resinkem (Pty) Ltd Approved
2 LM015May15 30/06/2015 Boxmore Plastics (SA) (Pty) Ltd and Cinqpet a Division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
3 LM009Apr15 18/06/2015 Main Street 1306 (Pty) Ltd and The Nampak Recycling Business Division of Nampak Products Ltd Approved
4 LM001Apr15 18/06/2015 Business Venture Investment No 1360 (Pty) Ltd and Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Ltd and As Owner of A 50 per cent Undivided Shares in Menlyn Park Approved
5 LM011Apr15 18/06/2015 Super Group Dealerships, a division of Super Group Trading (Pty) Ltd and The Business of General Motors and Isuzu in Roodepoort Operated by Tommy Martin Motors Krugersdorp (Pty) Ltd Approved
6 LM176Jan15 18/06/2015 General Electric Company and The Thermal Power, Renewable Power and Grid Business of Alstom Approved
7 LM193Feb15/020644 11/06/2015 RCS Cards (Pty) Ltd and The Consumer Finance Business of The JD Group Ltd Conditions
8 LM010Apr15 09/06/2015 Unemployment Insurance Fund and South Point Management Services Approved
9 LM006Apr15/021212 08/06/2015 The SPAR Group Limited and Kwankcenke Trading CC Known As Engcobo SUPERSPAR and Ndu's SPAR Approved
10 LM012Apr15 05/06/2015 Tsebo Outsourcing Group (Pty) Ltd and Thorburn Target Companies Approved
11 LM223Mar15 04/06/2015 Rebosis Property Fund Limited and Ascension Properties Limited Approved
12 LM232Mar15 04/06/2015 Bain Capital Investors LLC and TI Fluid Systems Ltd Approved
13 LM008Apr15 03/06/2015 Investec Bank Ltd and Blue Strata Trading (Pty) Ltd 6 Bar Systems (Pty) Ltd Approved
14 LM016May15 03/06/2015 MMI Group Ltd and Long Term Insurance Policy Book of Smart Life Insurance Company Ltd Approved
15 LM242Mar15 03/06/2015 Pick n Pay Retailers Ltd (Pty) Ltd and Trio Belville (Pty) Ltd Approved
16 LM179Jan15 03/06/2015 Isizinda Aluminium (Pty) Ltd and The Bayside Casthouse Operation of Billiton Aluminium SA (Pty) Ltd Approved
17 LM004Apr15/021196 28/05/2015 Diageo Africa B.V and Newshelf 1167 (Pty) Ltd Approved
18 LM239Mar15 28/05/2015 ABSA Bank Ltd and AMDEC Investments (Pty) Ltd and Culemborg Investment (Pty) Ltd Approved
19 LM222Mar15 27/05/2015 A Corporate Real Estate Ltd and SA Corporate Real Estate Fund and Wholly Owned subsidiaries, Fixed Property Companies of SA Corporate Real estate Fund As SA Corporate Estate fund Managers Ltd Approved
20 LM149Dec14 27/05/2015 Charger OPCO B.V. and Operating Subsidiaries and Material Assets of Demb and The Coffee Business of Mondelez International Incorporated Approved
21 LM198Feb15/020693 22/05/2015 TLT Actom (Pty) Ltd and Actom Mechanical Equipment, The Mines, Industrial and Heating, Ventilation, and Conditioning Business of Actom (Pty) Ltd Approved
22 LM236Mar15/021089 21/05/2015 Emira Property Fund Ltd Previously Friedshelf 1556 (Pty) Ltd and Emira Property Fund and Strategic Real Estate Managers (Pty) Ltd Approved
23 LM220Mar15/020917 14/05/2015 Micawber 278 (Pty) Ltd and Everest Platinum Mine Approved
24 020651 & 021139 07/05/2015 UNI Industries Holdings (Pty) Ltd and The Foodserve Solutions Business Division of Excelltrade (Pty) Ltd & Science Engieering (Pty) Ltd Approved
25 LM233Mar15/021055 07/05/2015 Assore Limited and Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine Approved
26 LM195Feb15/020669 06/05/2015 Redefine Properties Ltd and Leaf Property Fund (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 020677 23/04/2015 MMI Stretegic Investments and Imara S.P. Reid (Pty) Ltd Approved
28 LM178Jan15/020495 21/04/2015 RBT Grindrod Terminals (Pty) Ltd and The RBTG Business Approved
29 020685 17/04/2015 Vukile Property Fund Ltd and NAD Property Income Fund (Pty) Ltd, In Respect of Batho Plaza and Moruleng Mall Approved
30 020222 15/04/2015 K2014158670 (Pty) Ltd and Dorper Wind Farm (RF) (Pty) Ltd Approved

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