Large Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM186Nov15 & LM178Nov15 26/04/2016 Sibanye Platinum Bermuda Ltd and Aquarius Platinum Ltd & The Rustenburg Mines Conditions
2 LM245Mar16 22/04/2016 Respublica Student Living (Pty) Ltd and Midrand Varsity Lodge Proprietary Limited, Masingita Estates (Pty) Ltd and Sam King Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd in respect of the Property Letting Enterprises known as Midrand Student Village and White House Lodge Approved
3 LM246Mar16 20/04/2016 Government Employees Pension Fund C/O Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited and The Six(6) Immovable Properties and Rental Enterprises Approved
4 LM181Nov15 20/04/2016 ETG Inputs Holdco Ltd and Sidi Parani (Pty) Ltd Approved
5 LM239Feb16 20/04/2016 Barloworld South Africa Proprietary Limited and Salvage Management and Disposals Proprietary Limited and SMD Holdings Proprietary Limited Approved
6 LM238Feb16 12/04/2016 Equatorial Trading Limited and Wilmar Resources PTE LTD and Wilmar Continental Edible Oils and Fats (Pty) Ltd Approved
7 LM197Dec15 12/04/2016 Business Venture Investment 1899 (Pty) Ltd and Idwala Industrial Holdings Ltd Approved
8 LM212Jan16 12/04/2016 Tegeta Exploration and Resources (Pty) LTD and Optimum Coal Mine (Pty) LTD (In business rescue and 6 other target firms) Conditions
9 LM226Feb16 30/03/2016 Land and Agricultural Bank of South Africa and The Performing Financial Products of The Debtors Book of Capital Harvest (Pty) Ltd Approved
10 LM117Aug15 30/03/2016 Cell C Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd and Altech Autopage Cellular, A Division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd Conditions
11 LM217Jan16 29/03/2016 Delta Property Fund Limited and Redefine Properties Limited in respect of 15 target properties Approved
12 LM224Jan16 23/03/2016 Bongicel (Pty) Ltd and Lusitania Food Products (Pty) Ltd Approved
13 LM231Feb16 23/03/2016 Ascension Properties Ltd and Ascension Properties Ltd and Mutodo Properties (Pty) Ltd in respect of Jorrisen Place Approved
14 LM196Dec15 16/03/2016 Indluplace Properties Ltd and Clidet No.947 (Pty) Ltd, Sugar Creek Trading 289 (Pty) Ltd, The Trustees for The Time Being of The SAWHF SA Rental 3 Trust Approved
15 LM198Dec15 16/03/2016 Alstom Transport Holdings SA (Pty) Ltd and Opiconsivia Investments 265 (Pty) Ltd Approved
16 LM215Jan16 16/03/2016 Winter Robin Investment 26 Proprietary Limited and Development Right Situated at Pocket 24 of the Waterfall Business Estate Approved
17 LM214Jan16 09/03/2016 The Government Employees Pension Fund, duly represented herein by the Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited and Mining and Gas Services Proprietary Limited Approved
18 LM168Oct15 09/03/2016 Redefine Properties Ltd, The Pivotal Fund Ltd, Abshelf 04 (Pty) Ltd and Cirano 300 Investments (Pty) Ltd in Respect of a 75 per cent Undivided Share in Erf 221, Rosebank, Known as The Galleria Approved
19 LM209Jan16 02/03/2016 KAP Automotive Proprietary Limited and Autovest Limited Approved
20 LM169Oct15 02/03/2016 Actis 4 PCC with Respect to The Cell Berry and Food Lovers Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
21 LM191Dec15 25/02/2016 Unitrans Automotive a Division of JDG Trading (Pty) Ltd and The Automall (Pty) Ltd Approved
22 LM167Oct15 25/02/2016 Al Noor Hospitals Group PLC and Mediclinic International Ltd Approved
23 LM208Jan16 25/02/2016 Stellar Capital Partners Limited and Friedshelf 1678 Limited Approved
24 LM173Nov15 24/02/2016 NMI Durban South Motors (Pty) Ltd and The Union Motors Lowveld and Union Motors South Coast Dealerships Approved
25 LM123Sep15 22/02/2016 Cashbuild Management Services (Pty) Ltd and P and L Hardware (Pty) Ltd Approved
26 LM184Nov15 27/01/2016 Clarkbiz Trading (Pty) Ltd and Uvundlu Investments (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 LM183Nov15 25/01/2016 Southern Sun Hotels (Pty) Ltd and Southern Sun Hotel Interest (Pty) Ltd and Majormatic 194 (Pty) Ltd Approved
28 LM171Nov15 21/01/2016 African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd and Indwe Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
29 LM146Oct15 20/01/2016 Barloworld Logistics Africa (Pty) Ltd and KLL Group (Pty) Ltd Approved
30 LM150Oct15 19/01/2016 Main Street 1389 (Pty) Ltd and Access Platforms (Pty) Ltd Approved

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