Large Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM158Oct15 25/11/2015 EOH Abantu (Pty) Ltd and Grid Control technologies (Pty) Ltd, Forensic Data Analysts (Pty) Ltd, Investigative Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd Approved
2 LM159Oct15 25/11/2015 Arrowhead Properties Limited and Redefine Properties Ltd in Respect of the Property Letting Enterprise Known as Cleary Park Approved
3 LM073Jul15 25/11/2015 Delta Property Fund Limited and Orthotouch Ltd, In Respect of Fifteen Target Properties Approved
4 LM139Sep15 25/11/2015 G and C Shelf 115 (Pty) Ltd and The Sydney Road Property in Durban (Owned by Redefine Properties Ltd) Approved
5 LM111Aug15 20/11/2015 Tiso Blackstar Group SE and Robor (Pty) Ltd Approved
6 LM130Sep15 19/11/2015 Kilimanjaro Sakhumnotho Consortium (Pty) Ltd and Main Street 87 (Pty) Ltd Approved
7 LM112Aug15 18/11/2015 Masana Petroleum Solutions (Pty) Ltd and BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Approved
8 LM103Aug15 17/11/2015 JDG Trading (Pty) Ltd and Rochester Home Furnishers (Pty) Ltd Approved
9 LM116Aug15 16/11/2015 Investec Bank Limited and ITEC Group (Pty) Ltd and ITEC (Pty) Ltd Approved
10 LM017May15 09/11/2015 Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd and Future Life Health Products (Pty) Ltd Conditions
11 LM062Jul15 09/11/2015 Old Mutual Alternative Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd and African Infrastructure Investment Fund 2 General Partners (Pty) Ltd Approved
12 LM100Aug15 06/11/2015 Accelerate Property Fund Ltd and Azrapart (Pty) Ltd and The Redevelopment of Fourways Mall Approved
13 LM101Aug15 05/11/2015 Sun International (South Africa) Ltd and GPI Slots (Pty) Ltd Approved
14 LM115Aug15 04/11/2015 Government Employees Pension Fund and Siyanda Resources (Pty) Ltd Approved
15 LM118Aug15 04/11/2015 Actis 4 PCC with Respect to The Mahogany Cell and Coricraft Group (Pty) Ltd Approved
16 LM064Jul15 03/11/2015 Fortress Income Fund Ltd and Capital Property Fund Ltd Approved
17 LM053Jun15 29/10/2015 VAPS Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd and Engine Room (Pty) Ltd and Small Area Repair Technology Conditions
18 LM086Jul15 27/10/2015 Investec Bank Ltd and Ferro South Africa (Pty) Ltd Approved
19 LM005Apr15 16/10/2015 Hebei Zhongbo Platinum Co. Limited and Eastern Platinum Limited Approved
20 LM105Aug15 15/10/2015 The RTT Group (Pty) Ltd and Warehouseit (Pty) Ltd and Courierit SA (Pty) Ltd Conditions
21 LM065Aug14 12/10/2015 Telkom SA Soc Ltd and Business Connexion Group Ltd Conditions
22 LM072Jul154 08/10/2015 Rockwood Fund I and Enviroserv Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
23 LM079Jul15 22/09/2015 Levoca 549 (Pty) Ltd and Government Employees Pension Fund AND Kelvin Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
24 LM093Aug15 22/09/2015 SA Taxi Development Finance (Pty) Ltd and The SATDF Exchange Assets and The SATS Exchange Assets Approved
25 LM041Jun15 18/09/2015 Pembani Group (Pty) Ltd and Shanduka Group (Pty) Ltd Conditions
26 LM065Jul15 15/09/2015 Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd and ACT Healthcare Assets (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 LM092Aug15 09/09/2015 Dimension Data Middle East and Africa (Pty) Ltd and Britehouse Holdings (Pty) Ltd Conditions
28 LM102Aug15 08/09/2015 Rebosis Property Fund Ltd and Tupelo Properties (Pty) Ltd, In Respect of The Property Letting Enterprises Known as 11 Diagonal Street and West Street Parkade Approved
29 LM087Jul15 07/09/2015 Redefine Properties Limited and Respublica Student Living (Pty) Ltd Approved
30 LM021May15 07/09/2015 Imbali Props 21 (Pty) Ltd and Dimopoint (Pty) Ltd Approved

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