Large Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM116Sep16 01/12/2016 Capital Propfund (Pty) Ltd and The Vacant Land and Immovable Property and letting Enterprise to Be Constructed On Portion 61 (A Portions of Portion 8) of the Farm Witfontein 16, In the City of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng Approved
2 LM093Aug16 23/11/2016 BASF SE, Germany and Rockwood Specialties Group GMBH, Germany and Chemetall U.S., Inc., USA Approved
3 LM118Sep16 23/11/2016 Main Street 1463 (Pty) Ltd and ACORP Gifts (Pty) Ltd Approved
4 LM126Oct16 17/11/2016 K2016379893 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd and Universal Industries Corporation (Pty) Ltd Approved
5 LM094Aug16 14/11/2016 Pepkor (Pty) Ltd and Southern View Finance SA (Pty) Ltd and Van AS and Associates Recoveries (Pty) Ltd Approved
6 LM095Aug16 14/11/2016 RMB Holdings Limited and Propertuity Development (Pty) Ltd Approved
7 LM104Sep16 14/11/2016 JMR Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Transaction Capital Limited Approved
8 LM106Sep16 09/11/2016 Growthpoint Healthcare Property Holdings Limited and Romeo Properties (Pty) Ltd in Respect To The Hillcrest and Gateway Private Hospital Properties Approved
9 LM218Jan16 09/11/2016 Southern Sun Hotels (Pty) Ltd and Hospitality Property Fund Limited Conditions
10 LM096Sep16 26/10/2016 Public Investment Corporation Ltd, Business Venture Investments No 1963 (RF) (Pty) Ltd and Sub-Saharan Industrial holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
11 LM062Jul16 25/10/2016 enX Group Limited and Eqstra Newco (Pty) Ltd Conditions
12 LM097Sep16 19/10/2016 Tradehold Limited and Imbali Props 21 (Pty) Ltd, Saddle Path Props 69 (Pty) Ltd and Collins Property Projects (Pty) Ltd Approved
13 LM061Jul16 19/10/2016 Business Venture Investments No 1953 (Pty) Ltd to be renamed Industrial Services Holdco (Pty) Ltd and Uni-Span Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Concord Cranes (Pty) Ltd, Uvundlu Investments (Pty) Ltd and Prowalco (Pty) Limited Approved
14 LM063Jul16 19/10/2016 Afric Oil (Pty) Ltd and Part of the Business of Big Red Investments (Pty) Ltd, Some of the Assets, Licenses and Consents Belonging to Turquoise Moon (Pty) Ltd, Some of the Assets Belonging to Redlex (Pty) Ltd Approved
15 LM064Jul16 30/09/2016 Nissan Motor Co. Ltd and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Approved
16 LM013Apr16 20/09/2016 Zico Capital Two (Pty) Ltd and Goldrush Group (Pty) Ltd Approved
17 LM036May16 19/09/2016 Fruit and Veg City (Pty) Ltd and The Butchery Business Owned by Various Glen Aire Close Corporations Approved
18 LM031May16 15/09/2016 AFGRI Equipment (Pty) Ltd and AGRICO (Pty) Ltd Approved
19 LM039Jun16 15/09/2016 Bonitas Medical Fund and Liberty Medical Scheme Approved
20 LM035May16 15/09/2016 Rosewild Trade and Invest (Pty) Ltd and Chlor-Alkali Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
21 LM052Jul16 08/09/2016 The Bidvest Group Ltd and Brandcorp Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
22 LM072Aug16 08/09/2016 Billion Property Group (Pty) Ltd and Bay West City (Pty) Ltd Approved
23 LM053Jul16 07/09/2016 Rebosis Property Fund Ltd and Billion Group (Pty) Ltd Approved
24 LM257Mar16 07/09/2016 African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd and Ooba (Pty) Ltd Conditions
25 LM037Jun16 06/09/2016 Mendo Properties (Pty) Ltd and Vukile Property Fund Limited Approved
26 LM056Jul16 06/09/2016 Investment Solutions Holdings Ltd and Caveo Fund Solutions (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 LM024May16 26/08/2016 EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd and Aptronics (Pty) Ltd Approved
28 LM051Jun16 17/08/2016 KKR DVB Aviation Capital Ltd and AERCAP Holdings N.V. in Respect of a Portfolio of 37 Aircraft Approved
29 LM010Apr16 17/08/2016 Vukile Property Fund And Diecel Trade and Invest (Pty) Ltd and Protea Glen Shopping Centre (Pty) Ltd Approved
30 LM261Mar16 17/08/2016 Ferro South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Revertex South Africa (Pty) Ltd Conditions

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