Large Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 LM184Nov15 27/01/2016 Clarkbiz Trading (Pty) Ltd and Uvundlu Investments (Pty) Ltd Approved
2 LM183Nov15 25/01/2016 Southern Sun Hotels (Pty) Ltd and Southern Sun Hotel Interest (Pty) Ltd and Majormatic 194 (Pty) Ltd Approved
3 LM171Nov15 21/01/2016 African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd and Indwe Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
4 LM146Oct15 20/01/2016 Barloworld Logistics Africa (Pty) Ltd and KLL Group (Pty) Ltd Approved
5 LM150Oct15 19/01/2016 Main Street 1389 (Pty) Ltd and Access Platforms (Pty) Ltd Approved
6 LM155Oct15 11/01/2016 OMPE GP IV (Pty) Ltd, Acting in its Capacity as Ultimate General Partner of OMPE Fund IV Partnership and Alderbalm Trading (Pty) Ltd Approved
7 LM128Sep15 11/01/2016 Steinhoff Doors and Building Material (Pty) Ltd and Iliad Africa Limited Conditions
8 LM157Oct15 22/12/2015 Barloworld Transport (Pty) Ltd and Aspen Logistic Services (Pty) Ltd Approved
9 LM090Aug15 18/12/2015 Diageo South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Brandhouse Beverages (Pty) Ltd Conditions
10 LM148Oct15 07/12/2015 Housing Impact Fund South Africa and Stay at Southpoint Properties (Pty) Ltd Approved
11 LM170Nov15 07/12/2015 OMPE GP IV (Pty) Ltd and Middle Road Packers (Pty) Ltd Approved
12 LM135Sep15 04/12/2015 Vukile Property Fund Ltd and Thavhani Property Investment (Pty) Ltd, In Respect of a 1/3 Undivided Interest in the Thavhani Mall Letting Enterprise Conditions
13 LM149Oct15 04/12/2015 K2015068356 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd and Pearl Valley Golf Estates (Pty) Ltd and Seven Woodtrading 57 (Pty) Ltd Approved
14 LM156Oct15 02/12/2015 Accelerate Property Fund Ltd and Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Ltd in Respect of the Portside Building Approved
15 LM134Sep15 02/12/2015 Investec Property Fund Ltd and Friedshelf 113 (Pty) Ltd, Double Flash Investments 51 (Pty) Ltd and Certain Property Letting Enterprises Held by Associated Trusts and Managed by Zenprop Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd Approved
16 LM119Aug15 30/11/2015 Emira Property Fund Ltd and Pilot Peridot Investments 1 (Pty) Ltd Approved
17 LM141Sep15 27/11/2015 Macquarie Africa (Pty) Ltd and Macquarie First South (Pty) Ltd Approved
18 LM158Oct15 25/11/2015 EOH Abantu (Pty) Ltd and Grid Control technologies (Pty) Ltd, Forensic Data Analysts (Pty) Ltd, Investigative Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd Approved
19 LM159Oct15 25/11/2015 Arrowhead Properties Limited and Redefine Properties Ltd in Respect of the Property Letting Enterprise Known as Cleary Park Approved
20 LM073Jul15 25/11/2015 Delta Property Fund Limited and Orthotouch Ltd, In Respect of Fifteen Target Properties Approved
21 LM139Sep15 25/11/2015 G and C Shelf 115 (Pty) Ltd and The Sydney Road Property in Durban (Owned by Redefine Properties Ltd) Approved
22 LM111Aug15 20/11/2015 Tiso Blackstar Group SE and Robor (Pty) Ltd Approved
23 LM130Sep15 19/11/2015 Kilimanjaro Sakhumnotho Consortium (Pty) Ltd and Main Street 87 (Pty) Ltd Approved
24 LM112Aug15 18/11/2015 Masana Petroleum Solutions (Pty) Ltd and BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Approved
25 LM103Aug15 17/11/2015 JDG Trading (Pty) Ltd and Rochester Home Furnishers (Pty) Ltd Approved
26 LM116Aug15 16/11/2015 Investec Bank Limited and ITEC Group (Pty) Ltd and ITEC (Pty) Ltd Approved
27 LM017May15 09/11/2015 Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd and Future Life Health Products (Pty) Ltd Conditions
28 LM062Jul15 09/11/2015 Old Mutual Alternative Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd and African Infrastructure Investment Fund 2 General Partners (Pty) Ltd Approved
29 LM100Aug15 06/11/2015 Accelerate Property Fund Ltd and Azrapart (Pty) Ltd and The Redevelopment of Fourways Mall Approved
30 LM101Aug15 05/11/2015 Sun International (South Africa) Ltd and GPI Slots (Pty) Ltd Approved

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