Intermediate Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 IM186Jan15/020578 07/05/2015 Hosken Consolidated Investments Ltd and Atterbell Investments (Pty) Ltd (Trading as Gallagher Convention Centre) Conditions
2 018101 11/06/2014 Oceana Group Ltd and Foodcorp (Pty) Ltd Conditions
3 14/AM/Feb12 07/02/2013 Senmin International (Pty) Ltd and Cellulose Derivatives (Pty) Ltd Conditions
4 36/AM/Apr12 (014845) 07/02/2013 Kenilworth Racing (Pty) Ltd and Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd Conditions
5 10/AM/Jan12 (013946) 15/11/2012 Thaba Chueu Mining (Pty) Ltd and Samquarz (Pty) Ltd Conditions
6 77/AM/Jul12 - 015412 06/11/2012 Oceana Group Ltd and V&A Cold Store (Pty) Ltd Conditions
7 53/AM/May12 (015057) 29/08/2012 DCD-Dorbyl (Pty) Ltd and Elgin Brown and Hamer Group Holdings(Pty) Ltd Conditions
8 11/AM/Jan12 20/07/2012 Synergy Income Fund Ltd and Khuthala Alliance (Pty) Ltd Conditions
9 05/AM/Jan12 18/07/2012 Tedelex Trading (Pty) Ltd and Sammeg Satellite (Pty) Ltd, Sammeg Cape (Pty) Ltd & Sammeg KZN (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission Conditions
10 19/AM/Feb12 27/06/2012 Sunset Bay Trading 368 (Pty) Ltd and Jobling Investments (Pty) Ltd Conditions
11 53/AM/Jul11 20/01/2012 Kansai Paint Co. Ltd and Freeworld Coatings Ltd Conditions
12 81/AM/Dec10 09/12/2011 Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc and Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Prohibited
13 37/AM/Apr11 24/11/2011 Aon South Africa (Pty) Ltd & Glenrand MIB Ltd and The Competition Commission Conditions
14 82/AM/Dec10 30/09/2011 Softline (Pty) Ltd and Netcash (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Conditions
15 23/AM/May10 21/10/2010 Bedrock Mining Support (Pty) Ltd
and Mondi Ltd
16 69/AM/Jul07 10/12/2008 AC Whitcher (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission, MTO Forestry (Pty) Ltd, Boskor Saagmeule (Pty) Ltd & Boskor Ripplant (Pty) Ltd
17 39/AM/May06 09/05/2008 Primedia Limited Capricon Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd New Africa Investments Limited
and The Competition Commission Africa Media Entertainment Ltd
18 133/AM/Dec07 30/04/2008 Yara International ASA,Kemira Growhow OYJ and The Competition Commission Conditions
19 39/AM/May06 12/02/2007 Primedia Limited,Capricon Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd,New Africa Investments Limited and The Competition Commission,Africa Media Entertainment Ltd Approved
20 41/AM/Jun02 04/02/2004 Digital Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission,Healthbridge (Pty) Ltd (intervenor) Dismissed
21 44/AM/Jun02 11/10/2002 Bayer (Pty) Ltd and Aventis CropScience (Pty) Ltd Conditions
22 69/AM/Dec01 16/04/2002 Astral Foods Limited and National Chick Limited Conditions
23 64/AM/Nov01 13/02/2002 Kwazulu Transport (Pty) Ltd and Basfour 2488 (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
24 17/AM/Mar01 26/04/2001 Food & Allied Workers Union and McCain Foods (SA) Conditions
25 58/AM/May00 28/07/2000 Glaxo Wellcome plc and Smithkline Beecham Conditions
26 63/AM/May00 11/07/2000 Bubble Pac (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Approved
27 64/AM/May00 11/07/2000 Sealed Air Africa (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission Approved
28 34/AM/Mar00 26/05/2000 CT Media Publications (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Approved
29 27/AM/Mar00 26/05/2000 Nasnuus and Competition Commission Approved