Intermediate Mergers

No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 IM013MAY15 31/10/2016 Imerys South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Andalusite Resources (Pty) Ltd Prohibited
2 IM260Mar16 08/09/2016 Coty Inc. and Haircare, colouring and styling, colour cosmetics and fragrance businesses of the Procter and Gamble Company Conditions
3 IM232Feb16 11/05/2016 CTP Ltd and Compact Disc Technologies (a Division of Times Media (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Conditions
4 SM154Oct15 27/01/2016 Accenture (SA) (Pty) Ltd; Accenture Holdings B.V; Edcon Ltd and The Consumer Credit and Collection Services Joint Ventures and Competition Commission Conditions
5 IM161Dec14/020321 28/05/2015 Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union and Competition Commission and Newco One, Bagshaw Footwear (Pty) Ltd, Bolton Footwear (Pty) Ltd, Kap Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, The Divisions, United Farm, Wayne Plastics, Mossop Western Leathers, Jordan Shoes Conditions
6 IM175Dec14/020461 27/05/2015 Clover SA (Pty) Ltd and Nkunzi Milkyway (Pty) Ltd Conditions
7 IM183Jan15/020545 27/05/2015 Fidelity Cash Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Fidelity Security Services (Pty) Ltd, Protea Coin Group (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission & Protea Coin Group (Pty) Ltd Conditions
8 IM186Jan15/020578 07/05/2015 Hosken Consolidated Investments Ltd and Atterbell Investments (Pty) Ltd (Trading as Gallagher Convention Centre) Conditions
9 018101 11/06/2014 Oceana Group Ltd and Foodcorp (Pty) Ltd Conditions
10 14/AM/Feb12 07/02/2013 Senmin International (Pty) Ltd and Cellulose Derivatives (Pty) Ltd Conditions
11 36/AM/Apr12 (014845) 07/02/2013 Kenilworth Racing (Pty) Ltd and Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd Conditions
12 10/AM/Jan12 (013946) 15/11/2012 Thaba Chueu Mining (Pty) Ltd and Samquarz (Pty) Ltd Conditions
13 77/AM/Jul12 - 015412 06/11/2012 Oceana Group Ltd and V&A Cold Store (Pty) Ltd Conditions
14 53/AM/May12 (015057) 29/08/2012 DCD-Dorbyl (Pty) Ltd and Elgin Brown and Hamer Group Holdings(Pty) Ltd Conditions
15 11/AM/Jan12 20/07/2012 Synergy Income Fund Ltd and Khuthala Alliance (Pty) Ltd Conditions
16 05/AM/Jan12 18/07/2012 Tedelex Trading (Pty) Ltd and Sammeg Satellite (Pty) Ltd, Sammeg Cape (Pty) Ltd & Sammeg KZN (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission Conditions
17 19/AM/Feb12 27/06/2012 Sunset Bay Trading 368 (Pty) Ltd and Jobling Investments (Pty) Ltd Conditions
18 53/AM/Jul11 20/01/2012 Kansai Paint Co. Ltd and Freeworld Coatings Ltd Conditions
19 81/AM/Dec10 09/12/2011 Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc and Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Prohibited
20 37/AM/Apr11 24/11/2011 Aon South Africa (Pty) Ltd & Glenrand MIB Ltd and The Competition Commission Conditions
21 82/AM/Dec10 30/09/2011 Softline (Pty) Ltd and Netcash (Pty) Ltd and Competition Commission Conditions
22 23/AM/May10 21/10/2010 Bedrock Mining Support (Pty) Ltd
and Mondi Ltd
23 69/AM/Jul07 10/12/2008 AC Whitcher (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission, MTO Forestry (Pty) Ltd, Boskor Saagmeule (Pty) Ltd & Boskor Ripplant (Pty) Ltd
24 39/AM/May06 09/05/2008 Primedia Limited Capricon Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd New Africa Investments Limited
and The Competition Commission Africa Media Entertainment Ltd
25 133/AM/Dec07 30/04/2008 Yara International ASA,Kemira Growhow OYJ and The Competition Commission Conditions
26 39/AM/May06 12/02/2007 Primedia Limited,Capricon Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd,New Africa Investments Limited and The Competition Commission,Africa Media Entertainment Ltd Approved
27 41/AM/Jun02 04/02/2004 Digital Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd and The Competition Commission,Healthbridge (Pty) Ltd (intervenor) Dismissed
28 44/AM/Jun02 11/10/2002 Bayer (Pty) Ltd and Aventis CropScience (Pty) Ltd Conditions
29 69/AM/Dec01 16/04/2002 Astral Foods Limited and National Chick Limited Conditions
30 64/AM/Nov01 13/02/2002 Kwazulu Transport (Pty) Ltd and Basfour 2488 (Pty) Ltd Dismissed

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