No. Case No Date Parties Status
1 CR030Jun15 07/12/2016 Competition Commission vs Stanleys Removals CC and Cape Express Removals (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
2 CR128Nov14 18/07/2016 Competition Commission vs Isipani Construction (Pty) Ltd and Neil Muller Construction (Pty) Ltd Granted
3 CR049Jul12 30/05/2016 The Competition Commission vs Fritz Pienaar Cycles ( Pty) Ltd and Others Administrative_Penalty
4 CR212Feb15 14/04/2016 Competition Commission vs Delatoy Investments (Pty) Ltd; Delatoy Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd; ATPD (Pty) Ltd; Dream World 344 (Pty) Ltd; Dream World 345 (Pty) Ltd; Patrick Donovan Delamere No; Francois Koch No; Tonya Elizabeth Delamere No; Andrew David Toy No; Patrick James Rowan Toy No; Hilton Somah Gordon No; Cycad Pipelines (Pty) Ltd; Phambili Pipelines (Pty) Ltd Granted
5 CR154Oct11/013938 08/09/2015 The Competition Commission vs Media 24 Limited Contravened
7 017731 18/12/2014 The Competition Commission vs Sam Louw No and Anita Louw No and Welkom Key Centre CC Granted
8 011502 05/06/2014 Competition Commission vs Sasol Chemical Industries Ltd and Safripol (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
9 008482 24/03/2014 Competition Commission vs South African Breweries Ltd and 12 others Dismissed
10 014688 14/10/2013 Johan Venter vs Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope, The Law Sciety of South Africa, The Competition Commission Dismissed
11 16/CR/Feb07 (007302) 08/03/2013 Amalgamated Real Estate Principals Group CC t/a Charter Property Sales vs The Home Trader (Eastern Cape) (Pty) Ltd t/a East Cape Property Guide Dismissed
12 65/CR/Sep09 (010546) 19/09/2012 Competition Commission vs RSC Ekusasa Mining (Pty) Ltd, Aveng (Africa) Ltd t/a Duraset, Dywidag-Systems International (Pty) Ltd, Videx Wire Product (Pty)Ltd Administrative_Penalty
13 11/CR/Feb04 (003855) 07/08/2012 The Competition Commission vs Telkom SA Ltd Administrative_Penalty
14 15/CR/Feb09 04/07/2012 The Competition Commission vs DPI Plastics (Pty) Ltd, Petzetakis, Marley Pipes System (Pty) Ltd, Swan Plastics (Pty) Ltd, Amitech South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Flo-Tek Pipes & Irrigation (Pty) Ltd, Macneil Agencies (Pty) Ltd, Andrag (Pty) Ltd, Gazelle Plastics (Pty) Ltd Administrative_Penalty
15 84/CR/Dec09 07/05/2012 The Competition Commission vs Aveng (Africa) Ltd t/a Steeledale, Reinforcing Mesh Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Vulcania Reinforcing (Pty) Ltd and BRC Mesh Reinforcing Administrative_Penalty
16 76/CR/Nov09 15/06/2011 Competition Commission vs Geomatic Quarry Sales (Pty) Ltd t/a Quarry Co, Derby Concrete (Pty) Ltd t/a Denron, Robberg Quarry CC t/a Robberg Quarry and Denron Quarries t/a Denron Quarries Dismissed
17 37/CR/Jul10 02/03/2011 Phutuma Networks (Pty) Ltd vs Telkom SA Ltd Partly_Dismissed
18 23/CR/Feb09 29/11/2010 Competition Commission
vs Gralio Precast (Pty) Ltd
19 23/CR/Feb09 29/11/2010 Competition Commission
vs Southern Pipeline Contractors Concrite Walls (Pty) Ltd
20 17/CR/Mar05 19/04/2010 Competition Commission vs Netstar (Pty) Ltd & Others Granted
21 80/CR/Sep06 17/02/2010 Nationwide Airlines (Pty) Ltd,Comair Ltd vs South African Airways (Pty) Ltd Granted
22 48/CR/Jun09 08/02/2010 AEC Electronics (Pty) Ltd vs The Department of Minerals and Energy Dismissed
23 15/CR/Feb07 03/02/2010 The Competition Commission vs Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd Granted
24 55/CR/Jun05 25/06/2009 J T International SA (Pty) Ltd vs British American Tobacco SA (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
25 110/CR/Dec06 04/02/2009 Competition Commission vs Senwes Limited Contravened
26 91/CR/Aug07 14/03/2008 Mapula Restaurant vs Coca Cola Fortune (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
27 13/CR/Feb04 06/09/2007 Harmony Gold Mining Limited,Durban Roodepoort Deep Limited vs Mittal Steel South Africa Limited,Macsteel International Holdings BV Contravened
28 48/CR/Jun04 06/11/2006 Mandla-Matla Publishing (Pty) Ltd vs Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd Dismissed
29 97/CR/Nov04 20/03/2006 GlaxoSmithKline South Africa (Pty) Ltd,Glaxo Group Ltd vs Mpho Makhathnini,Nelisiwe Mthethwa,Musa Msomi,Elijah Paul Musoke,Tom Myers,Aids Healthcare Foundation Ltd Dismissed
30 18/CR/Mar01 28/07/2005 Competition Commission vs South African Airways (Pty) Ltd Contravened

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