Norman Manoim is the current Chairperson of the Tribunal and is supported, in his work, by:

  • the Chief Operations Officer, Janeen De Klerk;
  • the Registry Department, which is primarily responsible for record and document management;
  • the Case Management Department, which manages the case processes and assists the Tribunal members in their adjudicative function;
  • the Corporate Services Department, which provides various support services at the Tribunal and ensures that the Tribunal adheres to legislation in carrying out its function; and
  • full-time and part-time Tribunal members who adjudicate the matters that come before the Tribunal.

Office of the COO

Janeen De Klerk - Chief Operating Officer

Contact Janeen on the following details:
Tel: 012 394 3346
Cell: 082 415 4753

Registry Department

Lerato Motaung - Head of Registry

Contact Lerato on the following details:
Tel: 012 394 3355
Cell: 082 556 3221

Case Management Department

Rietsie Badenhorst - Head of Case Management

Contact Rietsie on the following details:
Tel: 012 394 3342
Cell: 082 771 7956

Corporate Services Department

Ann Slavin - Head of Corporate Services

Contact Ann on the following details:
Tel: 012 394 3341
Cell: 083 639 2639